Bokoharam Launches first Attack in Niger

The Nigerian Islamist militant groups launchings an attack in Niger for the first time witnesses says. Niger Government said it killed more than 100 of the group fighters as it repulsed the attack on the border town of bosso. Read full story here


Young Lovers Jailed for 17 years

Young british lovers Leah Parkes and Charles Hendrie has been jailed for 17 years for there part in a £1Million ecstasy operation after meeting a drug bado on holiday at ibiza.
This lovers in july 2013 holiday moved to the spanish island to catch their fun when they met Abib Asfour who introduced them to an underground drug scene which they eventually beacome low key drug dealer on the island supplying tourist on holiday. What a lobve life. Read full story here

Parents of 26 years old girl who was reportedly killed by airstrike says they hope their daughter was still alive

Kayla Muella’s parent expresses their feelings that they hope their 26 years old daughter is still alive. Islamic state extremist state in his statement that she was killed on air strike in northern syria. The parents statement the claim of their daughters death concern them but they still hope she is alive. Read full story here

President Barrack Obama Administration issues 5.5M work permit to non-citizens The Shadow Immigration system as critics call it

President Barrack Obama since 2009 his administration issued roughly 5.5 Million work permit to non citizen beyond what congress has authorized according to recently released document that critics of U.S says revbeal a “Shadow” or “parallel” immigration system stifling wages and taking jobs from Americans. Read full story here

UAE rejoins airstrikes on ISIS after aborminable execution

Yesterday the United Arab Emirates announced it is sending a squadron of F-16 fighter jets to jordan, resuming its participation in U.S lead airstrikes on the Islamic in Iraq and Syria.
It was officially announced by UAE official Government news agency following the U.S State Department’s announcement friday that the Arab country had reaffirmed its commitment to the coalition that suggested that positive news will be announced soon see full story here



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