Inec Postpone Election not Nigeria

The General election that was schedule for february 14 on valentines day has been postponed till March 28 due to security reasons Most countries and people around the world hear this story like nigeria postpened election no its not so it was a decision made by INEC it was announced like a general plan it is not Nigeria Government do things before alerting the people.
Reasons why Election Was postpoened other countries are now like spectators to Africans countries during election and are concerned about Nigeria following the 2011 election when over 800 people died.
The postponement could stoke unrest within opposition strongholds such as Lagos and Kano State. This election was actually postponed by INEC for the betterment of the nation but it is not a General plan by the country, No one should go about saying Nigeria postpone election no we didn’t Inec did. Read full story here


Lunching Ebira Song Blog

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